Our Works on Intelligent Tools and Systems

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The age of intelligent tools and computation-intensive automation of manufacturing and services is upon us. The rapid development and uptake of intelligent, self-learning systems has begun to automate tasks associated with blue-collar jobs as well as less routine tasks related to knowledge work.

With these technological advancements, many predict a dystopian outcome where jobs are lost and workers are displaced. We strongly believe, however, that the future is ours to create. We can use intelligent tools to generate new employment, augment skills, and create a more just and equal society.

Our view is rooted in economic and technological history, and is distinguished by a sober estimation of both the possibilities and limitations of intelligent tools. It is informed by an understanding that we can directly influence and shape technology, how technology is deployed, and how the benefits of technology are shared.

We are an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers from the fields of engineering and data science, economics, sociology, and political science. Through our connections with international institutions and stakeholders, we support ongoing dialogue and guide research, policy, and practice.

We are exploring how we can go about shaping the world we want in the age of intelligent tools. The challenge, deep and real, is to architect that world, to find ways of working, earning, and learning that support the healthy development of our societies and economies, and the humans who inhabit them.